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Charity Curry and Comedy Night in Aid of Alzheimer’s



Saturday 20th July

Doors open from 6pm with curry at 7 and comedy from 7.30

Price of the tickets: £25.

Promises to be a fantastic evening with comedy provided by Andy White and Scott Bennett.

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What is this curry night all about?

I am very proud to be running the Chicago Marathon this year in aid of Alzheimer’s Research, people who know me are very aware I thoroughly enjoy running and it’s lifetime ambition to run all of the Marathon ‘Majors’ London, Berlin, New York, Tokyo, Boston and Chicago.

I have been fortunate to have run 3 of the six and in October I will have managed the 4th my best time to date is 3.28 I am training to try and complete Chicago in 3.15 .

In total I have run 7 marathons and raised in excess of £10k for various charities in the process.

This year I took the decision to focus on raising awareness and raising funds for Alzheimer’s research. As a hotel owner I continually come into contact with people from all walks of life and backgrounds and enjoy moments of reflection, laughter and sometimes very detailed conversations of what’s going in their world and I seem to come across more and more people dealing with loved ones with dementia.

One of our oldest family friends has dementia and has no idea who my Mom and Dad are or indeed myself who she looked after for years of her life. There isn’t a league table of the most upsetting things to happen to you in life but to not have the recognition of a dear friend is not to be underestimated.

Of course we are just friends, I cannot imagine what living with dementia is like as a family, I am sure many of us can’t, but people do, there is no choice and fight it everyday and the wonderful medical profession around the world are working tirelessly to combat the cruelest of illnesses.

Please come and enjoy an evening with us and lets fight Alzheimer’s together.

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