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Convenient? How convenient?

Technology moving forward has altered the way in which guests plan and book their hotel stays, and as hoteliers we are aware of this change in trend. Just as technology has changed the process of booking time away from home, it has influenced the way in which we, hoteliers, are doing business with our guests.

Not only does remove the friendly and social elements from booking your stay, it could also be costing you, as better deals are always to be had when you book directly.

We’re always looking to deal directly with our guests and ensure that you are receiving the best deal. When bookings are made through comparison sites we often can’t reduce the price or upgrade your room, due to the commission we are required to pay based on the amount of bookings we receive each month through the site. If this commission is removed from the equation, then it will benefit both yourself as the guest, and ourselves as the B&B.

Why use when you can book directly with us and receive five star treatment? From recommending restaurants and attractions in the local area, to ensuring the best room is booked for your requirements, St Johns House will always be on hand to ensure you receive more than just a good nights sleep. “You get what you pay for” has never been more true.

Why not ring us and speak to a member of our team regarding your future booking? If a booking is made directly, a complimentary bottle of our finest house wine will be waiting for you on arrival.

Call us today on 01543 252 080 or book online.

Convenient? Very convenient.

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